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We enhance mobility, sustainability and quality of life by creating balance in the built and natural environment. We are supporting Polish companies expand globally and international companies invest and develop

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Arcadis is an international company providing consultancy, design, engineering and management services in infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. We set up, develop, design, implement, maintain and operates projects for companies and governments.



Each of your inquiry is our priority challenge. Our goal is to successfully turn your ideas into reality and support your company on the Polish market.

We have the investment mindset and understand well the specific needs of our Clients and use our specialist knowledge, technologies and experience to help them face their most complex challenges.

Our global business links, knowledge and thorough understanding of local conditions enable us to combine best practices with global solutions. 30 years’ presence in the Polish market and multi - disciplinary team of specialists make us the leader in business advisory and consultancy and services.

If you want to buy a plot

In the course of the investment process, land purchase is a strategic phase that involves significant financial resources and technical expertise at the early stage of each construction project. Therefore, it is especially important that the purchase process is carried out in a conscious and safe manner.

The current requirements for the natural environment cause its constant degradation, therefore investment planning must take into account the potential influence and impact on the resources and characteristics of the environment in the direct neighborhood of the planned investment. Our team, through its experience, solve the most complex problems in the field of technical, environmental and geotechnical site assessment and remediation of contaminated land.

At Arcadis, we support our Clients in making the right decisions based on reliable and confirmed information. We deal with all key stages of the assessment process of a given property so that each Client has the certainty and full knowledge about acquiring asset. During comprehensive technical, environmental and geotechnical audits of the property, we are assessing the current and planned communication solutions, availability and capacity of media, the plot's surroundings and its impact on the planned investment.

We analyze the available site documentation and spatial development plans and we estimate necessary costs for site adaptation and further development. . We conduct geotechnical and environmental studies of the property in order to understand and assess risks associated with contamination, soil bearing capacity and safety of the building foundations.

At Arcadis, we understand that each location has its own specificity, therefore we approach each process individually and adapt our services to expectations of our Clients. We ensure that our Clients' investments are ecologically sustainable and properly adapted to the planned investment. We prepare professional identification, analysis and assessment of investment property, which are basis for a comprehensive and recommendation.

If you want to buy a real estate

The purchase of commercial real estate is currently perceived by many investors and financial institutions as a safe and profitable investment, however, like any form of investing, it is associated with many challenges. A comprehensive understanding of local conditions, such as the micro and macroeconomic, legal and tax situation of the region, is an indispensable element to conduct an informed and safe transaction.

Thanks to extensive experience and technical knowledge, Arcadis understands various issues related to technical and environmental conditions affecting the attractiveness and safety of investing in commercial real estate. Our extensive knowledge of the real estate sector allows for early identification of significant risks and their quick elimination as well as preparation for unexpected situations.

Arcadis in Poland has over 30 years of experience in providing technical and environmental consultancy services as part of due diligence audits during transactions for the commercial real estate. We provide unparalleled opportunities and in-depth knowledge in the office, retail, warehouse, logistics, residential and mixed-use real estate assets.

As part of the TDD (Technical Due Diligence) and EDD (Environmental Due Diligence) services, we offer our Clients a comprehensive property audit in order to define potential risks in terms of the technical condition of the facility as well as compliance of the building's maintenance with environmental requirements. We evaluate the architectural value, condition and safety of structure, mechanical and sanitary installations, and fire protection systems.

As part of the services offered, we also assess the compliance of the building with the applicable standards and building regulations in order to detect and early mitigate formal and legal risks. Technical audit may additionally control the actual measurements of the lease or other areas, which are the basis for determining the amount of rent, and thus the value of the property itself.

More investment Clients’ expect today their asset data to be captured and shared digitally. We understand the Client benefits are among many others improved asset transparency and transfer of asset knowledge for activities including extensions, tenant negotiations, reinstatement cost assessment and refinancing. Therefore, we offer our Clients the use of modern digital platforms that improve the course of audits, transactions and its full transparency, as well as contribute to the improvement of the quality of property value management.

Arcadis consultants and company are certified byRICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in business. RICS is a professional organization that promotes and ensures compliance with the highest international standards, including valuation, management and construction process in the areas of real estate, construction and infrastructure. RICS is an independent, international organization founded in 1868 in Great Britain. It currently has over 130,000 experts who are present in nearly 150 countries around the world. RICS has been operating in Poland since 1991.

If you need support with investment process

Arcadis experts have the appropriate knowledge and experience to efficiently and immediately guide Clients through each phase of the investment process. At Arcadis, we understand that with the continuous technological progress, the complexity of projects and investors' expectations towards the facilities provided and returns on investment increase, which is why we focus in detail on the seamless management process.

Planning and implementation of complex projects, required speed to market, requires proper coordination of processes taking place during the implementation of the investment and appropriate communication between multiple stakeholders. Arcadis offers effective business & technical advisory and project management, from the initial planning, through design, procurement and completion, which is essential for the successful finalization of the project within the budget and schedule.

Arcadis experts, through their experience gained during realization of complex projects around the world, have the adequate skills to properly and precisely define the investment goals of our Clients, as well as to plan and monitor the entire construction process.

The final result of our activities are unique facilities that support our Clients' business. Our recommendations are formulated on the basis of many years of experience in running projects of various types and sizes. The aim of Arcadis is to reliably and efficiently support Clients from very early stage of the investment process, since early planning and work on the initial concept, through the preparation of the necessary technical documentation and obtaining permits, procurement processes, supervising construction works, commissioning, handovers and post-completion acceptance.

We take care of the correct coordination of the entire process and the correct flow of information on the progress of the investment. We know how to conduct construction processes in a safe and organized manner. We limit the risk and increase chances of success by eliminating potential threats. The business success of our Clients is of key importance to us.

If you need a consultancy or business advisory

Arcadis, as a global consultancy company, provides comprehensive support to Clients planning investments in Poland. At Arcadis, we understand the business challenges of our Clients and possess experience in managing the investment process, and through close cooperation of our experts with the Client's team, we provide unique solutions that will help achieve business goals.

Arcadis experts have knowledge and experience in providing solutions at every stage of planning and implementation of investments - from site analysis, completing project documentation and obtaining the necessary approvals and permits, negotiating contract terms with contractors, to constant monitoring of works, facility acceptance, management and preparation for sale As part of our services, we also help Clients avoid, limit and settle construction claims that arise during the construction process.

When unforeseen threats and changes lead to delays in your schedule and additional costs, our claims consultants can assist you at every stage of the construction process. We are industry leaders in risk management, schedule and delay analysis, claims analysis and ensuring the proper implementation of our clients' projects.

Our employees understand the need for thorough cost and procurement advice during the planning phase, ensuring the process is both economically and environmentally viable.

Ensuring that a company's assets perform well both economically and ecologically is a key part of any company's operating model. At Arcadis, we know that the running of facilities and operations as a whole can pose many security and environmental risks, so we combine our technical expertise with environmental risk management consulting experience to offer our clients practical solutions that will allow better manage risk and ensure that accidents and unwanted incidents are kept to an absolute minimum.

In the era of progressive digitization, we constantly introduce innovations in the way of using technology, cooperation with our partners and delivering optimal solutions to our clients. The faster, smarter and more efficient implementation of processes significantly improves the quality of life. Making the right decisions at the right time is crucial for investors looking to make a successful acquisition or development. At Arcadis, our approach provides clients with full transparency of performance, risks, facility life cycle costs, accountability and stakeholder satisfaction. We are looking forward to doing business with you.


Arcadis Capabilities

Our Project Management and Engineering approach delivers exceptional outcomes through all entire project stages.

Our Project Managers steer not only the client and external stakeholders, but also internal Engineers and Architects.

This approach quarantees a continuos process and excellent project delivery with required quality, budget and milestones.

Project Preparation

Design & Permitting


Tender Phase

Construction Phase

Project Handover

  • Determination of objectives and demands
  • Budget and Programme definition
  • Project Goals Definition
  • Permitting strategies
  • Procurement strategies
  • Definition of stakeholders
  • Technical and Environmental Due Diligence studies
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Design and Engineering
  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Design reviews ( third party deliverables)
  • Design Management and coordination
  • Manage and control the permitting proces
  • Permit Management
  • Design Value Engineering
  • Dispute resolutions for environmental permitting
  • Tender Management
  • Scope Management
  • Cost Verification
  • Tender Value Engineering
  • Negotiations
  • Procurement Report and recommendations
  • Tender services for technology suppliers
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Site Supervision and Management
  • EHS Management
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Management
  • Claim Management
  • Acceptance and commissioning
  • Technical supervision over technology suppliers
  • Final Handover with authorities and Contractor
  • Final documentation acceptance
  • Financial closing of the project
  • Contractual closing of the project
  • Commissioning acceptance

Controlling, Communications, Stakeholder Management, Reporting

Design & Permitting Phase


We understand well the specific needs of our Clients and use our specialis knowledge, technologies and experience to help them face their most complex challenges. Our people’s knowledge and expertise are our most precious assets.

Our people’s knowledge and expertise are our most precious assets. We strive to continuously improve our capabilities and skillset by maintaining relations with the leading national scientific and research institutions and with the global network of Arcadis’ experts.


Annual revenue

of EUR 3.3 billion



in the world



in Poland


Offices in over 40 countries around the world



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W ramach przeprowadzonego audytu Arcadis Polska nadzorował w budynku ekspertyzę konstrukcyjną. W roku 2018 spółka pełniła rolę doradcy technicznego funduszu ISOC Holdings Inc. przy nabyciu budynków C oraz D kompleksu Silesia Business Park.

W ramach przeprowadzonego audytu firma Arcadis Polska nadzorowała w jednym budynku ekspertyzę konstrukcyjną. W roku 2018 spółka pełniła rolę doradcy technicznego funduszu ISOC Holdings Inc. przy nabyciu budynków C oraz D kompleksu Silesia Business Park.

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Poland/ Katowice



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